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#bikeweek2015 is over. 10 days have come and gone. It opened under a gray sky with rain and temperatures in the 50s. It closed under a blue sky with a high of 82. Such is the weather in Daytona Beach.

Over the 10 days, we’ve had viewers from 36 countries. The majority from the U.S. and Canada, but we were surprised with the number of viewers from Romania. Other countries include: Germany, Brazil, France, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Argentina, Poland and Turkey. We’ve even had viewers for Tuvalu, in the South Pacific.

The internet has introduced news ways to market. Now, with a modest budget, you can showcase an event, such as Daytona Beach’s internationally known BikeWeek, by creating original video.

While nothing really beats the experience of being at a live event, seeing it unfold in short, or long form video, is pretty cool. There are a lot of interesting things that took place that only those present saw, or heard. That’s why you go. But, if you and your motorcycle are in Germany, you might just like to watch what is going on. See some of the special events, such as the Rats Hole Custom Bike Show. The bands at Dirty Harry’s, Bank & Blues, Main Street Station, Boot Hill Saloon, the Iron Horse, Cabbage Patch, etc.

A GoPro camera enables a rider to take hundreds of people along for the ride. Webcams show hours of the event, in real time. MOJOs (mobile journalists) with smartphones, digital camera and camcorders, are in the street and the bars. Next year, we expect to see some drone video.

We’ll be “curating” Youtube videos for the next couple of weeks, putting together some clips you might not have seen. So, check back.

Get ready for Daytona BikeWeek’s 75th anniversary – 4 to 13 March 2016.

In the meantime, we’ll be showing highlights from this year, in addition to video from Leesburg, Sturgis, Myrtle Beach and other rider-related events.

The 1st InternetTV station in Daytona Beach showcased video from Main Street, North Beach Street and the Speedway, courtesy of the mobile journalists who are posting their video online.

We work with independent videographers, and photographers who upload their videos and images to social media sites. So, content is often “unedited.” We mix in some shorter, edited clips as the event progresses, submitted by Ken English of and

We would like to thank Charlie Williams for sharing his CoffeeShopTV coverage with us. Charlie is walking Main and North Beach Streets, and posting video to his Youtube channel.

Feel Free to email us your YouTube link, along with your permission to play it. If it’s appropriate for our viewers, we’ll add you to the team.

Bagger on Beach Street Photo Ken English

This is the Daytona Beach Boardwalk (no boards, actually) looking north from the walkway to the pier. The Hilton and Plaza hotels are in the distance. The boardwalk is the site of a motorcycle showcase during BikeWeek.

FloridaBikeWeek daytona beach Boardwalk
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BikeWeek in Daytona Beach

It all began in 1937 with a 3.2 mile motorcycle race called the Daytona 200. The race was won by Ed Kretz, a Californian who rode an Indian. Average speed: 73 mph. Today, Daytona Beach is an eclectic vacation destination, mixing motorcycles and auto racing with art and music festivals. All with easy access to the only beach in Florida you can drive on.

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